Beware of the Consumer Cult

We warn against an extremely dangerous sect that has spread throughout the whole wide world and demands THOUSANDS of HUMAN VICTIMS every day!!!!!!!!!!

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It entices people with promises of eternal pleasure, eternal economic progress, eternal interest exploitation, eternal youth, eternal beauty, eternal success and eternal power and greed.

They are made greedy for money, the “beatifying sanctuary” of this very dangerous sect. Their cult leaders drive luxury limousines and live in very expensive villas. They rake in billions. Their followers (like you) have to work hard and are only rewarded with sickening, often even “rotten” food and low-level leisure activities.

It is the globally active CONSUM-SECT !!!!!!!!

Its members are deliberately made dependent, addicted and weak-willed with the help of cigarettes, alcohol, perverted sexuality and other intoxication to which they are exposed the WHOLE day.

Members must be willing to do anything for money and sensual pleasure. A very high percentage of their poor victims are forced into crime or become mentally ill if they cannot follow this senseless pursuit.

Violence is glorified or trivialized. Prostitution, rape, infanticide (especially that which takes place in the womb) but also ritual child abuse and murder by the cult leaders, and abuse are the order of the day, due to an increasing endless addiction to pleasure and brutalization through lust and greed.

Consider the high crime rate in Germany. Almost 100% of it is made up of victims of this cruel and very dangerous worldwide sect. The high suicide rate is also due to their influence. Every day, millions of senseless, cruel and bloody animal sacrifices are made by the cult worldwide on the altar of sensual pleasure. It also demands human sacrifices every day, e.g. in Germany alone more than 1000 PEOPLE die every day from cigarette consumption and alcohol CONSUMPTION.

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There has been a rapid increase in fatal diseases among its members. Which, of course, bring in a lot of money through the drugs that are then produced. And you also have to think about the jobs. (black humor)!!!

Nevertheless, through constant propaganda and brainwashing, they have the feeling of being free and happy. (like the Marlboro Man)!!!

Anyone who doesn’t feel free and happy is considered a failure. Our children and young people in particular are being very successfully seduced into a meaningless and degrading existence. Even with the help of e.g. LL-COOL-J and co.

Trapped and imprisoned in the consumer sect

Anyone who wants to leave is persecuted as a dangerous or mentally ill subject. Especially when people try to live together according to religious values and thus successfully escape the clutches of this sect, e.g. by also eating healthily and wanting to experience real joy again by returning to the true, important, higher values of life, they are denounced (note the clever diversionary maneuver !!!) as a devil’s sect…..

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My exit from the consumer sect

Vorsicht Sekte Konsum Tempel Massen

If out of thousands of such “drop-outs” who try to free themselves from the power of these CONSUMPTION SEECTS, one is criminally or psychologically disturbed (which is often even clearly an after-effect of the influence of the consumer cult), this is taken as proof of the dangerousness of the “drop-outs” and the poor public is misled even more. Unfortunately, many consumer cult leaders have insinuated themselves everywhere in the international worldwide media and in this way cover up their cruel and dangerous machinations by blaming minorities, especially religious groups, for the social problems they themselves cause by inciting the mass of the population against them. One of the movements that have successfully managed to get out is the HARE KRISHNAS .

If you no longer want to rely on the information provided by the mass media, which is infiltrated by the consumer sect, and want to form your own opinion, or if you want to find out how you can protect yourself from the dangerous influence of the consumer sect, then read the pages here on this homepage or inform yourself at:, and visit a Krishna temple or a Prabhupada center.

Good luck in leaving the extremely dangerous international, global, criminal consumer cult.

Call this emergency number, in case you need help: Whats App   0176 2811 2250

The four principles of freedom

By adhering to these 4 principles, the dependency on these cults is broken and true liberation is achieved. Free yourself today!

Freedom from dependence, illness, addictive behavior, dissatisfaction and depression. Promotes a clear mind and discernment.

Intoxication refers to the ingestion of various substances that are not necessary for the maintenance of the body and have stimulating or depressing effects on the mind and body. It is often an escape into the world of illusion. These habits often cause illness, premature ageing and lack of concentration. One should therefore refrain from drug use. Progress in bhakti-yoga leads to increased spiritual joy, so that the need to become intoxicated diminishes.

Freedom from violence, aggression, disease and callousness, freedom from bad karma. Promotes mercy, non-violence and compassion for all living beings.

Eating meat involves slaughtering or torturing animal forms to eat their bodies. If no other food is available, humans may be justified in eating animals. Otherwise, slaughtering animals just to feed on meat is condemned. Out of mercy and compassion, one should not kill animals. Thou shalt not kill, said Jesus.

There are various reasons why one should not eat meat. Anyone who eats the meat of the sacrifice must share the bad karma of the butcher. Moreover, eating meat is unhealthy. The saturated fatty acids in meat can lead to heart disease and cancer, while toxins in the decomposing meat can also attack the nervous system and lead to senility. There are ethical, religious, health, physiological and environmental reasons why people should not eat meat. A vegetarian diet prevents various diseases and promotes a longer life.

Freedom from various sexually transmitted diseases. Promotes natural chastity and inner beauty.

Nature has arranged it so that offspring are produced through sexuality. Regulating sexuality is a necessity given by nature. Sexuality is natural – and so are children. Only humans oppose the laws of nature and try to circumvent these laws by using contraceptives, chemicals or even abortion. Sex is not evil, as is proclaimed by various moralizers. The experiences of desirable sexuality are even divine, as Shri Krishna states in the Bhagavad-gita. People have a tendency to lose themselves in these activities without realizing the higher purpose of transcending egocentric sexuality to become more and more a servant of primal love games. Those who indulge in physical sexuality find it difficult to understand what treasures await them beyond it.

Freedom from greed, covetousness, deceit. Promotes truthfulness.

A general tendency of people is to want to enrich themselves through clever manipulative behavior. They do not realize that everyone only gets what fate has in store for them anyway. Classically, gambling is representative of all methods of acquiring more in some way. Today, many try their hand at money speculation of all kinds. The result of such activities is the growth of material attachment, including increased greed and avarice. Other consequences are the loss of mental balance due to fear and the increase of dishonesty and deceit, which destroys the sublime quality of truthfulness.

Sects of materialism

The materialism

DollarsignMaterialism is a polytheistic world religion that arose from egoism. The symbol of the religion (see below) represents an I, which is embraced by an S. The I stands for “I”, the S for “self”. The I stands for “I” (English: I), the S for “self” (English: self). The self embraces the I, the program of materialism, which is meaningful and relevant to action in every moment of faith.

Cult and ritual

The materialistic cult always adapts flexibly to social trends. Resourceful trend researchers create sacred objects that are described as “in”. A perennial cult of the last few decades, however, is the pulling out of a plastic card, which serves as a gateway to paradisiacal realms.

Although black material magic is also practiced in Boersian cathedrals, casinos and betting shops are the actual sites of this cult. Ritual procedures regulate the exceeding of limits or the loss of the tuition fees set aside for one’s own child.

Places of worship

DollarsignWhere the priests are, there are naturally also the churches of materialism. The stock exchanges in particular are regarded as temples of the initiated. The best-known temple is in New York and is dedicated to St. Wall. Other places of worship can be found all over the world, most of which are ritualized by the banking and savings bank order.

Other temples are the temples of consumption outside the cities in the industrial estates.

The faithful park their religious status symbol in front of the place of worship, which gives them the feeling of arriving in paradise when they enter. Like holy water at the entrance to Christian churches, shopping carts or baskets are accepted here. With relaxing church music, both in the elevators and in the toilets, the experience of God between all the pews, also known as rummage tables or shelves, becomes a spiritual experience. Mental or physical deficits, which conventional medicine has long since given up trying to compensate for, are alleviated by the healing enlightenment of shopping. Anyone who wants to achieve such satisfaction in their own home does so via the Internet on their computer.

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Exit from materialism

Materialism as an ideology has had its day. Man, reduced to himself, is not enough. This vacuum now manifests itself as a search for a transcendent counterpart.

The general public is consciously or unconsciously given the impression that religious search is something based on mere faith. People are always keen to emphasize the external differences between religions in order to show that the individual traditions are ultimately more or less random cultural creations (or aberrations) and therefore relative. The state is also generally neutral when it comes to world views, true to the motto that faith is a private matter. Only when faith communities – e.g. the churches – are active in socio-political matters are they taken seriously.

However, it is overlooked that the attitude of neutrality in matters of worldview is an impossibility. The illusionary energy (maya) with its covering and pulling down aspects exerts its influence even if we do not want it to. Only those who are aware of this fact and take appropriate measures can neutralize or even transcend the effects of material energy.

A state that is based solely on externalities cannot survive in the long term, because without transcendental content, the components of the state, the citizens, get lost in the material dead end.

This is evident all over the world today. The general loss of trust in transcendental truths also leads to the disintegration of moral values. After all, why should we care about anything if everything is over when we die? Who should we have respect for if we are all just randomly created, transient, robot-like beings?

Indifference in matters of worldview is basically also a worldview that subtly or loudly propagates one or more of the following beliefs:

– Everything is relative.

– There are no irrefutable transcendental truths.

– God is a figment of the imagination of degenerate characters who must be put in their place.

– The state is not obliged to adapt to cosmic laws, because man is the measure of all things.

– Free market globalization and economic growth are our highest goods.

On closer inspection, organizations that remain undifferentiated on the higher questions of meaning turn out to be sects with unprovable beliefs. The representatives of these cults try to show the public how people can be reintegrated into the cults with a wide variety of social programs so that they can function for as long as possible. Questions about the higher meaning are not welcome, because there can be none.

As soon as someone thinks about the fundamental questions of existence, they are ridiculed or shunted off to a philosophical or theological faculty to write on paper that will never be read by the general public. The mass media hardly ever deal with transcendental questions. Instead, people are overwhelmed with trivialities. The pastime has become a major challenge for the cult leaders. This is why they are again considering extending working hours.

Of course, the representatives of these sects would say that people prefer bread and games. Therefore, it is not appropriate to promote spiritual education. Maya, the embodiment of illusory energy, has done a really good job here, hasn’t she? That is why maya is also called Durga, which means prison. The jailers are maya’s employees.

Sekte Durga Devi

In contrast to the Western Christian understanding, however, the Bhagavatam school teaches that maya is also a servant of God, with the task of organizing the prison. Basically, she wants us to ask questions that relate to life outside the prison walls, and she would like to release us. But as long as we remain indifferent or neutral, we cannot be released, because spiritual life is characterized by strong determination.

This world is a prison. Maya is the warden. Your punishment is for life, life after life. Your senses and your mind are the chains. The path of knowledge leads to the vacation ticket. The path of loving devotion leads to release.

Maya is the power of God, the ruler of the world of the measurable, the God-concealing power. The word Maya is derived from ma, to measure. This Maya expresses itself in different ways. As a “veiling force”, it veils the pure consciousness of the Atma in the body. As a “propelling force”, it hurls the atma away from the center of all being (God). Through it, the eternal and unchanging Atma receives a false ego-consciousness and a subtle and gross material covering. Maya not only causes delusion, ignorance and illusion. As prakriti, the totality of visible and invisible nature, it is the formative force and the basic substance of all matter.

Maya’s Illusion

Poem by Abhaya Charan De
(Srila Prabhupada)

Maya’s illusion is like the foam which mixes again with the sea.
No one is mother, father, or relative;
Like the sea foam, they remain a short while only.

And, as the sea foam merges into the sea,
this precious body of five elements disappears.
Who can say how many ephemeral forms the embodied soul has taken?

A scientist once used a parable from physics to describe the centrifugal effect of the Maya. He spoke of centrifugal force and used the drastic image of a so-called “wheel of joy”, which, to his amazement, he had found as a popular amusement at several entertainment venues in the capitals of the western hemisphere. As is well known, a wheel of joy is a large horizontal disc on which the amusement-seekers take a seat as close to the center as possible, whereupon the wheel begins to swing and the couples, even if they resist, soon tumble helplessly around and are hurled to the outermost edge of the spinning wheel by the action of centrifugal force.

Just as the centrifugal force irresistibly drives laughing and shrieking men and women in the amusement park away from the hub of the wheel and towards the periphery, the powerful force of Maya inexorably hurls all beings who do not want to serve lovingly but enjoy selfishly away from the center of all being, from God. The force of Maya that pushes and drives people is desire. Desire is by no means merely the greed for gross sensual pleasure or money or power, but also the desire for fame, even the thirst for work, for knowledge, for even the most refined aesthetic pleasure. And even the thirst for indulgence in God and eternal bliss in a heavenly kingdom as a reward for good deeds is still seen as a selfish desire. Selfless love and devotion to God (bhakti) is the only path that leads back to the center.