Beware of brainwashing

We warn against extremely dangerous propaganda media that have spread all over the wide world, via TV, internet, newspaper and mobile radio, and are BRAINWASHING THOUSANDS of PEOPLE every day !!!!!

The mass stultification

“We must always repeat what is true, because error is constantly being preached around us, not by individuals but by the masses, in newspapers and encyclopaedias, in schools and universities. Everywhere error is on top, and it is comfortable and at ease in the feeling of the majority, which is on its side.” Goethe to Eckermann

Say goodbye to official brainwashing and prevent yourself from being dumbed down by forming your own opinion.

The brainwashing of ordinary people

Nowadays, ordinary people have a world view that has been worked out by the media and the relevant experts and is so self-contained that no questions seem to remain unanswered. Abstract entities such as “science”, “pharmacy”, the “UN”, “capitalism”, the “IMF”, the “system” etc. dominate the picture. Every normal citizen knows that these institutions are up to any threat and any problem; for the average citizen, they are a kind of mother substitute, a soft cushion to rest on when the work is done. “They’ll sort everything out”. The average citizen has an almost grotesque trust in abstract institutions that will save the world. Everything is under control. It is also clear to every citizen that there is no need for action on the really important issues of our time, as these same institutions will step in and “work on the solutions anyway”. “It’s only a matter of time before ‘all the problems’ will be solved” is their motto. The citizens also think that they have never been as well off as they are today, that they have never been freer, that they have never had so many rights or so much prosperity. It is therefore clear to citizens that they only have to fulfill their position in the system and everything will be fine.


But there are also those citizens who see that not everything is in perfect order. These individuals, who are popular in society and often praised by the media as great role models, want to “do more”, they want to “get involved”, want to be “socially active”, want to “help”. They are the ones who, in contrast to all the others who “only” do their work, are “also” active in various institutions on a “voluntary” basis: with “Caritas”, with “animal rights activists”, with “Greenpeace”, with the “Red Cross” or as “development aid workers in Africa”. The rest of the population can only admire them for their commitment – but they are also “doing something”. They “donate”. They donate for “the poor”, for “the needy”, for “victims of war, for “neighbors in need” and so on. This allows them to sleep much better at night, as they “know” that they have done “something”.

The citizen knows that thanks to “genetic engineering”, “biotechnology”, “computers”, “new economy”, “functional food”, the “new technologies” and so on, these problems will no longer exist in the near future. More food must be produced and better agricultural technologies developed, otherwise the world hunger problem cannot be solved, the citizen is certain.

They see and hear in the media how diligently international institutions and “science” are working on the problems and therefore hope for a better future, also for people in developing countries. In his opinion, genetic engineering, for example, will also solve the vexing problem of the “many” “genetic” diseases, and “cancer”, “AIDS” and other diseases will also be defeated in the future. In the meantime, the car industry is also developing “fuel-saving cars” with “catalytic converters” that “help” to keep the environment clean and use less fossil fuels.

He is one hundred percent and unwaveringly certain that the best and only the best technologies will be used by science to lead mankind into a good future, but he also knows from the media that compromises have to be made here. Either – or, dominates his thinking. Either cars or bicycles, nuclear power or no electricity, work or social exclusion, capitalism or communism, democracy or dictatorship – these are the alternatives he knows and no others. If, for example, there were better, more environmentally friendly, more technologically advanced means of transportation than cars with combustion engines, he is unshakeably certain that they would have been introduced long ago, because then “we would have had it “long ago, that’s for sure”. Shaking his head, he follows the occasional reports of “free energy technology” and grins stupidly to himself when he hears such things, because he is comprehensively “educated” and “knows” that such a thing cannot work, after all, he often watches the strenuous attempts of the car industry and scientists to develop hydrogen engines and the like on television and how laborious and highly complicated it all actually is. Every little success has to be bought at a high price, and scientists explain the problems in detail and look forward to the future. “In 10 years we will……then we will have the technical prerequisites…….then we can tackle the mass introduction of this technology…..for the time being, there are limits to our technical possibilities….we have exhausted the potential….etc.. Because of all this, the “good citizen” is basically of the opinion that “these free energy technology spinners had better “do something sensible”. He knows that their activity is “pointless” and “no alternative”, because science decided many decades ago that free energy technology, which he loosely and incidentally equates with perpetual motion, does not exist. For him, these people are therefore (esoteric) “cranks”, “mystics”, aloof and unworldly lateral thinkers who would be better locked up or saved so that they can do “no harm”.

He, on the other hand, “knows” that he is clearly doing the right thing with his donations, his “social activities” and his “commitment”. And this is well worth his money in the “fight” against these “problems”, “threats” and against these “diseases”, among other things. He sees how science is “fighting”, and unconsciously he wants to “support” it in this “fight”, for the right side, in the fight for “more fuel-efficient cars”, “more effective medicine”, “better school education” etc., as he himself could be affected by “all these problems” one day. In this respect, the citizen does have an “awareness of the problem” and from a “rational”, “logical” and “fundamentally reasonable” point of view “he can only be right”, he “knows” that.

Denken Verboten

As far as “the economy” is concerned, however, the citizen is aware that it is “too complicated”. “Such things” are beyond his comprehension. Therefore, it is better left to the experts. They have the insight. He is certain that the currency will remain stable and that there can be no major financial crises. Today, the world is “interconnected”, there is no longer anything “like it used to be”, “those times are over”, “peace, joy, pancakes”, he is firmly convinced of that. He therefore prefers to place his wealth planning in the hands of “experts” who sell him shares, funds, insurance policies etc. for a “secure future”. They increase his money without him having to do anything, but he also knows that this can also be associated with risk, as some bank advisors (still) tell him. However, if he leaves his money at the bank, he is “on the safe side” because he knows that nothing can happen to him. After all, there is the “Deposit Protection Fund”. So he is “guaranteed” to get his money back “whatever” happens. Moreover, shares rise “in the long term”. You are “just not allowed to sell”. That way you “automatically get rich”. So he follows the experts’ advice and his money flows to where it “works” most “productively” – i.e. to developing countries, into cheap labor, child labor, exploitation, war economy, blood and tears. The consequences are outsourcing, wage dumping, job and social cuts, murder. But he has no idea about any of this, nor does he want to know anything about it under any circumstances, because “that” is none of his business, he “would rather” have nothing to do with it. “What I don’t know doesn’t make me hot”. As long as the return is right, he doesn’t care what “the experts” do with his money. Otherwise he goes on the barricades, Mr. Neighbour must not achieve a higher return than him at any price in the world, otherwise he would “stand by”, otherwise he would be “the stupid one”. He can’t stand it when others are financially successful and he is not. Because then he immediately goes on the barricades and mutates into a money-hungry animal that hangs on the lips of the “financial advisor” for the sake of returns, soaking up every word like a man dying of thirst soaking up a drop of dew and allowing himself to be sold every investment, no matter how risky or moronic, such as “China Prosperity”, “THE” “fund” for the “successful” investor (toilet roll manufacturer in China).

He just wonders why an increasingly harsh wind is whistling around his ears in the business world, why work pressure is increasing, why his colleagues are being made redundant, why entire departments are being relocated abroad, why the world seems to be getting “tougher”. He simply doesn’t understand and shakes his head. He is actually against “globalization”, but “on the other hand” “progress” “cannot be stopped”. He knows from the media that only a borderless economic world is a free world, if not consciously then at least unconsciously. Sacrifices have to be made for this too, and that is also part of progress. He may not like some things, but in the end he is still a hundred thousand times better off here, “in the golden first world”, than the poor people in the developing countries, who he watches languishing, suffering or starving to death on TV every day. So he grits his teeth and says to himself “Any work is better than no work”. In other words, “work makes you free”, but he can’t really remember the last time he heard this sentence. The army of unemployed reinforces his view and sends employers into raptures. Wage squeezing and contract squeezing are easier, and “interesting” employment contracts that turn former employees into “self-employed” are also “popular”.

When the pressure of work and “the suffering” becomes too much, the citizen “flees” to “his little world”, “my home is my castle”, because “he has to treat himself to something”. They “compensate” for the loss of their personal freedom with consumer goods. He has long since abandoned the concept of “freedom”, apart from a few “rebellious moments” at the beginning of his working life, but that was just the usual “youthful rebelliousness” anyway. And anyway, you get used to everything, if you just sit in shit long enough, you don’t notice it anymore. But somehow he has a dark and distant suspicion that he is actually missing something, something important, but what? In order to suppress this, he spends his free time consuming drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sex, pornography, violent films, television, talk shows, shopping, talking on his cell phone, buying or showing off his car, etc…. This “provides” him with the “necessary balance”, he has to “distract” himself, especially from himself and the meaning of endless production and consumption. Coming to rest would mean being confronted with problems that he doesn’t want to know about. He can’t do anything with himself, which is why he is downright afraid of being torn out of his hyperactive hustle and bustle and being put in a position where he has to think. He also lives out his “urge for freedom” through distraction and substitute satisfactions such as those mentioned above. In films and television, he projects himself onto the main character and experiences his adventures as his own adventures.

In between, he consumes subliminal advertising and is flooded with stimuli from short “clips”, “infopanels”, “sound effects” and the like that change every second. He generally rejects the idea that all of these should have even the slightest influence on him. He rules it out from the outset. “I do what I want”, I am “my own boss”, he says in a firm, convinced voice. I am me and nobody else. He either does not “believe” that it is a fact that in an election, after 10% of the votes have been counted, the remaining 90% of the population can be predicted with 95% certainty (in other words, with a maximum deviation of +/- 5% from the actual distribution of votes after all the votes have been counted), “does not attach any particular importance to it” or considers it a “coincidence”. Or they believe it, or rather take note of it, but don’t actually give it much thought. “It’s just the way it is, so what?” Mathematics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either and he never really paid attention at school. Nevertheless, he seriously believes he has “a free opinion”. He also believes in “freedom of the press”, “freedom of opinion” and “democracy”. Above all, the free press and the free book trade is one of his favorite topics, “somehow” he “knows” “they are “very” important”. “Somewhere” he has heard this “before”. But the fact that he never or only very rarely reads a book, and if he does, then at most “Harry Potter” (= a guide to occultism, even for the little ones!) or “Loveboat”, doesn’t seem to bother him much. “You have ‘more important’ things to do”. “The paintwork has a scratch again”, “The TV has a scratch”, “The computer is spinning”, “The gutter is dripping”, “I have to watch Big Brother now” etc….

His goals and his ideas of a “meaningful life” are essentially reduced to producing and consuming, to creating and destroying goods and services. To working and compensating for the stress of work through luxury, comfort, distraction, etc.. The numerous images of luxury and prosperity that he has in his head by the millions come to mind as motivation and a “desirable” goal. He “knows” that when he has “all that” “first”, “then” he will “really” be “happy” and that he will have to make an effort for it, that “the work” will be worth it. “At some point”, he believes, he will “achieve” “it” “too”. Unfortunately, economic constraints are constantly thwarting his plans, which he “compensates” for with more ruthless pushing ahead in the elbow society and “intelligent tactics” or pure egoism, because “nothing comes from nothing”, “no pain, no gain”, “work first, pleasure second”.

Unfortunately, his health is also giving him a hard time. The doctor told him not to eat so “fat”, not to season so much, etc., but he knows that one day they say this, the next they say that. Today they say that milk is good for the bones, and tomorrow they say that milk causes osteoporosis. You can’t “rely on anything” there either, the whole thing is “far too complicated”, so he leaves the health chapter to “the experts” such as the medical profession or pharmaceutical companies. “The doctors” will “fix” his body like a plumber fixes a tap, because “after all” that’s “what they’re there for”. So he doesn’t have to do without his “real food”, “they” will make sure that he is “well”. If necessary, they’ll put in a bypass, which the health insurance will pay for. It’s not cheap, but he’s paid in for “so long”, “now he wants to get something for it”. So his health is constantly going downhill, despite the “advances” in medicine and all the great new “technologies”, despite all the “miracle pills” and “innovations”. He doesn’t want to know anything about alternative medicine because “you’re just throwing your money away” and it’s “not scientifically recognized” and a “rip-off”. Alternative practitioners = quacks, he recently heard on “Medizin aktuell”. I am fully informed! The magnetic mat and glass pyramid salesmen should stay where the pepper grows.

So he runs and runs until he reaches his pension, if he can reach it, like a hamster in a treadmill or a rat in a rat race. The kilometer counter of the hamster mill or the kilometer marker on the side of the road of the rat track is his drive and his motivation, he has “come this far”, he has “made it”. On the other hand, he is still hopeful that he will “get there” after all, “hope dies last”. He has nothing but contempt for those who were of the opinion from the outset that in this society and this system, unfortunately, only the rich are allowed to live in luxury and have “everything”, the “left-wing terrorists”, “anarchists”, “stone-throwers” and so on. “They’re parasites of society who don’t work, just bum around, murder, steal and steal and cost the state a lot of money when they go protesting and their world view, hah, it doesn’t even deserve the name. And their theories… – scientifically unrecognized and any economist can only laugh at them. They should do some work and if they don’t want to, then they have to be forced (forced labor). They should be deprived of all support (starve to death) or immediately locked up (concentration camp)” [Note: Those like the Tute Bianche]. Good, hard-working, completely stupid and extremely superficial middle (or lower) class ignoramuses like Zlatko, on the other hand, deserve respect. “German diligence and German thoroughness” – “Work and don’t think, because work makes you free”. Secretly a role model, as you can see, Zlatko has achieved “something”. If people like Zlatko can do it, then he can do it too. “You see, even as an ignorant, uninformed idiot you can achieve something” is the great message that seeps into our brains from the flickering boxes in the half-sleep of the alpha wave rhythm, as well as messages such as “knowing nothing doesn’t matter”, better “know nothing and live well”. In addition, “you can see”, “it doesn’t matter”, “being monitored”. You can “live well” “even like this”. “The main thing is that I’m fine”. How reassuring that the findings of the extremely successful psychohygiene and synchronization from the Third Reich, as well as the findings of all psychological research, are still being used today to inform citizens via the Volksempfänger and, more recently, via ELF transmitters (keeping up with the times! ) to hammer such advantageous ideologies and ideas into people’s heads according to all the rules and possibilities of the art, or rather, to instill them silently and quietly – every day a hundred times this phrase and then this phrase again and this image and this message and everything beautifully subliminal and silently and quietly. This makes a thousand manipulations in X year ….. and after X years X ten thousand etc. …… and at some point the citizens will have been modified into completely stupid, superficial ignoramuses who work hard, keep their mouths shut and still seriously consider this to be “life” and thank you very much if they can go on vacation once a year, a cheap vacation in Greece, “to maintain their ability to work”, as the law says.

The meaning of life? – Radio silence, static in the ether – . In general, people prefer not to deal with questions “like these”, with questions about life or death or the meaning of all this madness, as long as it can somehow be suppressed. In particular, the question about the meaning (of life) is somehow unpleasant, but the citizen doesn’t seem to know exactly why. But apart from that, he “actually knows everything”, he is “comprehensively educated”, “television educates” as we all know. They therefore don’t think it’s necessary to inform themselves “beyond that”, that’s also “not necessary”, they “already” “know” “everything”. And he also “knows” that he “knows” everything. At least “the important things”, the things you need “to live”, the things that come from the media. But he has no reservations about the media, because they “uncover things” and “change the world” in a positive way, bringing the “unsparing truth”. He only shed a tear for Princess Diana. The evil paparazzi! The poor princess!

The truth is what everyone believes. Moreover, what must not be true is not true. This includes things like these “hypotheses” about the redistribution from poor to rich through “interest rates”, which the average citizen either doesn’t deal with at all or only very superficially. How a rich person can get more and more money without any effort and “earn” money every night while he sleeps, for which he himself has to work for months, is for him “a mystery” of the “highly complex economy”, an “unsolvable” “paradox”. He finds it “actually” unfair, but the world of the rich is “incomprehensible” to him “anyway”, he has “nothing to do” with it and it actually annoys him to think “about it”, so he “prefers” not to. He just “wonders” “where” they get the money from. However, he soon stops pursuing this question because “that” is “just too complicated”. So he “wonders” why the national debt is exploding at the top and bottom, why social benefits are being cut at the top and bottom and why he is losing more and more money “to the state”. He shouts “Tax cuts!” or the “non-wage labor costs” are too high! On the same day, a multimillionaire politician steps up to the lectern on television and shouts in a clear, firm, cutting voice: “Mergers create jobs!!!! We must rationalize! The state must stop interfering in the economy! Over-regulation must come to an end! Let’s bury state interventionism! The free market guarantees prosperity!”. Everyone claps. Then he feels better too – there are still the “honest ones, the “good ones”, and for a moment he feels relieved from his anger “at the evil non-payers and social parasites”, just as if he were still young and had pulled the cat by the tail. He’s given it to them, he’s right, they should “just work”!

In view of his excessive demands with “such” things, he then goes on to attack the “bad” foreigners. Or the politicians, the “evil corporations”, the “damn social parasites”, the “”excessive”” social spending”, the “constantly sick hypochondriacs”, the “spoiled” people “who are far too well off”. Nevertheless, he still has enough money to make “mobile” phone calls, and he even has money for the ISDN dedicated line, “because you need it”, after all, he writes funny 1.5 kilobyte emails to his friends from time to time or downloads porn from the Internet. He doesn’t trust rumors that talking on a cell phone could irradiate his brain with carcinogenic waves. He considers those who spread such theories to be “cranks”, “people who don’t understand anything about technology” or “delicate hypochondriac mimosas who are “just” too well off” or who work “too little” so that they come up with “such stupid” ideas. Real technicians can only laugh about it! It’s all a lie and is based “solely” on the “placebo effect”, because negative thinking is known to be harmful, as you can see. No sooner is such an antenna on the roof (even if people don’t know about it) than some people (the electrosensitive ones, but of course that’s made up) complain of tiredness, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, restlessness and the cancer rate rises “miraculously”. Of course, “no causal link” can be made to this, because radiation is not known to cause harm if it is not strong enough to heat the tissue. As we know, this is the latest scientific knowledge, proven beyond doubt.

MobileThe “science” aka “the mobile phone operators” have proven this “beyond doubt” by means of “large-scale” “representative” “studies”. Anyone who says otherwise is therefore a dilettante, because nothing is more unassailable than honest, incorruptible science that is always exclusively committed to the truth. He is not really interested in the fact that the money he spends on his cell phone could be used “incidentally” to expand a totalitarian surveillance infrastructure that will ultimately be used to control every citizen in the future. “So what? What do I care if they know more than I do about myself”. In general, such “scenarios” are the “fantasies” of “nutcases”. After all, we live in a “free country” and nothing is more important than “individual rights”. The widespread irradiation of the population, children, the elderly, the sick and infirm as well as the animal and plant world with disease-, stress- and cancer-inducing waves are also all baseless fantasies. “Crystal-clear voice quality” comes first. You have to make sacrifices “for progress”, however great they may be, just like in medicine, where obviously crazy people can now create Frankenstein spare parts stores with impunity – that’s progress. This is the only way humanity can progress. The Church can only say with conviction: “Be happy and multiply” (also in the Third World). “Interventions in the germ line” are weakly criticized, but unfortunately nobody there seems to know what the germ line is, because with things under their belts, the honourable purple-clad eminences want to sit on their money bunkers, castles and art treasures from the Second World War and centuries of exploitation, They are committed to “higher things” and many of them hover away from the real world in self-imposed seclusion and philosophize about questions of church theory.


Otherwise, they present themselves as “secularized” and open-minded, especially on uncontroversial issues such as the telephone. So it doesn’t matter if church steeples are converted into mobile phone masts, because the phone is the phone and clearly not evil. Moreover, strangely enough, there is no book about cell phone radiation in the church library, which leads to the inevitable conclusion for the church and its wise, always elective representatives that there can be nothing harmful about it and that the devil certainly has nothing to do with the phone.

In general, it is very convenient when the land barons and feudal lords in their castles can communicate and argue with each other in this way – see a certain Bishop Kurt Krenn – who has split the church into a number of hostile districts that accuse each other of not being pious and pontifical enough or who disagree on how to behave in the face of the furious onslaught of black sheep who dare to raise the issue of sexuality (= blasphemy, punishable by death by fire, which unfortunately is no longer as easy as it was a few years ago).

But back to more progressive topics and to our good, noble, noble, educated, intellectual “citizens”. They behave just as progressively on the Internet as they do elsewhere. The citizen has made it a “good habit” to “surf” the relevant sites with his correct IP address and always has the hotkey ready to make the screen content disappear if, by chance, God or his wife walks through the door, because you have to be prepared for anything and we don’t want to let the Last Judgement start prematurely.

InternetHe also truthfully fills out all questions in various forms, mostly with intelligent, but also discreet questions, such as the first 4 digits of the credit card numbers (to marvel at Lycos), and be they as stupid or private as I said, after all, it doesn’t matter if “the companies” or “anyone else” know “everything” about him, so he “at least” gets the “mails” that correspond to his primary interests (men: soccer / cars, sex, and the rest; women: Clothes, diamonds, perfumes, luxury, powerful men (genetically!) (even if they are ugly), and lastly sex, which makes the men’s world EXTREMELY happy) or the “right magazines”. In a military bunker in the USA, a complete data profile is created about him using sophisticated military programs (Echelon project) developed by the best and most highly paid experts in this field. These use computer programs based on artificial intelligence and sophisticated comparison methods to determine data about him and then, with the inclusion of a large amount of other data, such as cell phone or credit card movement profiles or secret service data, a precisely accurate profile is created about him, which then flows into the dragnet against “system critics and other terrorists”. In this way, critics of the system can be separated from “good citizens” “like him”, their “sinister plans” can be thwarted “with certainty” and these “terrorists” can “finally be rendered harmless” so that he no longer needs to fear them; after all, he regularly watches File XY and is therefore “fully” informed.

Maut Wahnsinn

So the downward spiral continues for our good citizen, and the worse things get, the more radicalized he becomes, he joins the National Socialists, the Left, the Greens, the Communists or the occultists or even the black magicians.
His neighbor, a “very strange” one, talks more and more about the “capitalist system”, “interest rates”, “logical consequences” and so on. He is saying crazy things and talking crazy stuff, such as that you should now invest your assets “properly” in gold and silver and that it is better not to have any long-term liabilities or insurance policies. Of course, the good citizen can only shake his head with a “mild smile” and grin to himself… Gold and silver are not really “real” money anymore! And anyway, you have “no return at all and get no interest”, the money “lazes around”, so to speak. “But my money should work!!!”
He says about the weirdo: “How can you be soooo stupid?” or “What kind of people there are…”… “People are “just” doing far too well”.

Then one fine day an economic crisis hits him and “everyone else” (except for the super-rich and a few prepared people), out of the blue, “completely unpredictable” and totally unexpected. He loses all his savings, the bank has “coincidentally” closed, the currency is hyperinflated, his long-term loans (e.g. on the apartment) and other liabilities burst, his assets are seized by the bank and his debts remain a hundred times higher. This means he loses “everything”, including his entire world view of the happy, rich, beautiful new world, and so he begins to think for the first time in his life. Then he remembers his neighbor, this oddball with the very, very strange views, whom he always secretly laughed at. He remembers, didn’t he warn him some time ago that he shouldn’t invest his money in shares and insurance policies, that he should pay off his debts as quickly as possible and buy gold and silver? Yes, that’s how it was! So he knew about it! He knew about it and didn’t warn me, he’s now got rich with it and I’ve lost everything!!!! What a bastard!!!! He quickly puts an end to his theoretical musings and joins the many other hard-pressed “good citizens” in his neighborhood in taking action. The oddball is hanged from the nearest tree by marauding hordes of finally out-of-control citizens, in the “name of justice”. Afterwards, he feels better again, after all, “he “actually” “only” struck once”. In the ensuing civil war he loses his life, he dies heroically “in battle”, and with him all his endless, infinite, indescribable, outrageous stupidity, arrogance and ignorance, to the supreme happiness of all living creation and all thinking and feeling creatures.

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